Pouya's been working hard this past year. The Miami rapper's made waves alongside Fat Nick and Ghostmane, building a loyal fanbase that ride for them. However, for the majority of this year, Pouya and Fat Nick have been going strong together. Dropping off their mixtape, Drop Out Of School and shortly following that with a tour. Nonethless, Pouya's been holding his own and today, he links up with 88rising and flexes his skills on Karaoke Royale.

Pouya has his own distinct sound to what he does. His flow and his pen are unique to him. At the top of the episode, he makes his attempt at tackling No Doubt's "Don't Speak." While that doesn't last long, he really gets into it once Outkast's "B.o.B."

"I can do an Outkast song? I don't need no lyrics, I got the lyrics right here bro," he says while pointing to his head. 

While he does end up using the karaoke prompter, Pouya proves his Outkast fandom with this episode of Karaoke Royale. Both Big Boi and Andre 3000 have their own unique voices that collide on wax. Pouya manages to encompass both of them but unless you're Big Boi or Three Stacks, you can never be as flawless as either. Pouya manages to kill Andre's part but fumbles on a few words during Big Boi's section. However, Pouya acknowledges their greatness by the end. 

"Shout out to fuckin' Outkast, man. Big Boi, Andre 3000, the greatest rappers of all time. My favorite. My all-time favorite group, man and that's a fuckin wrap," he says.

While he initially tackles an OG hip hop classic with "Bombs Over Baghdad," he tackles Lil Pump's "D.Rose." Mind you, he has a better run with covering Outkast than he does Pump. Pouya only gets through a bit of the verse before tapping out. 

For anybody who's been looking for a new Pouya album, you're in luck. The rapper confirmed that he does have a new album on the way and that it's pretty much done. While it's in the mixing and mastering stages, he confirms that the project is on the way.

Watch his Karaoke Royale below: