Post Malone experienced a terrifying experience yesterday when his private flight to the U.K. had to make an emergency landing. The jet, which carried Posty and his squad, circled in the air before it even made the attempt to land on the ground. Now, it looks like the incident is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to The Blast, the private jet Post Malone was on before it made an emergency landing is under investigation by officials. The preliminary information from the terrifying experience went into the FAA database earlier today. The report indicates that the emergency landing has been classified as an "incident" and now an "accident." It says that upon takeoff, "declared emergency due to two blown tires on departure, diverted and landed w/o incident.” It also states that there were none of the 16 passengers on the flight faced any injuries from the incident. 

Despite the incident, Post Malone previously praised the flight crew for the way they dealt with the incident. The Blast also reported that after the "Rockstar" singer touched land, he and his crew had a major feast at Joe's Pizza in Newburgh, NY where they ordered six pizzas, two dozen wings and 2 Italian combo sandwiches. Pretty solid way to conclude an eventful day of soaring through the sky without knowing if you're going to actually make it out alive.