Post Malone is beginning the year just as he ended the last: by getting new face tattoos. In what has basically become synonymous with his brand, Post Malone just keeps on adding new pieces to his face, debuting his gauntlet ink on New Year's Eve. Already sporting a bunch of permanent markings on his visage, the Texas-raised superstar will never stop getting needles in and out of his facial skin, decorating his look until he runs out of space. We're unsure how he keeps finding room to fill in his mug but, as reported by Complex, the singer has gone ahead and got some new face tattoos again.

As if we were inspired by the new Saw reboot, Post Malone opted to get a bloody saw blade etched onto his left cheek. The rapper was partying with the Kansas City Chiefs, including Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, after their Super Bowl win, deciding to immortalize the moment with the help of Junction City Tattoo's Ruben Reza. The artist shared several images from the impromptu session, thanking Malone for trusting him with his most recent face piece.

What do you think Posty will cop as his next tattoo? At this point, he's tacking on new ink at a rapid rate. Could he be trying to fill in his entire face?