Post Malone's new collaboration with Crocs might only be releasing tomorrow but it's already making resellers tons of money. We all know how powerful the resale market has become. People can sustain their lavish lifestyles by waiting in line at the Supreme store for hours and selling everything they copped for triple the price. While it doesn't work for everybody, you can make a pretty penny as a reseller. The last collaboration that Post Malone dropped with Crocs was extremely limited edition, selling out in minutes. It seems as though you may want to stock up on tomorrow's pair too if you have a chance because they're already reaching insane prices on the aftermarket. 

Couple Post Malone's somehow charming appeal with the comfort of Crocs and you've got a match made in heaven. We're not sure who is actually copping these (is it only resellers???) but Post's new collab has almost hit $900 on eBay. His first pair hit $1000+ after breaking the internet according to Complex, and these will likely find a way to top the OGs. 

If you're into these and you're trying to get your hands on a pair, you might want to line up now because, at those resale prices, you're much better off copping for the affordable retail price of $60.