Grapes don't get enough love. When an artist goes up on stage to accept a prize for their musical accomplishments, you'll usually hear a pretty generic speech from them. Thanks will be given to a higher being, the recording label, friends, family, collaborators, and others. Last night at the American Music Awards though, Post Malone decided to flip the script a little, making a puzzling revelation at the conclusion of his own acceptance speech, showing love to one fruit that just doesn't get enough love sometimes.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Clearly, during the creation of Hollywood's Bleeding, Post Malone made sure that his studio was always stocked with the freshest fruits available -- particularly grapes -- because at the end of his speech last night, the Texas-based singer/rapper told the world that he's very much about the purple and green juice-filled fruit. 

Winning the category for Rap/Hip-Hop Album, Posty said that words could not describe how grateful he felt for the opportunity to accept such a prestigious prize. He went on to thank everybody on his team and the fans, remarking that they busted their asses to complete the body of work before culminating with a shocking statement: "I love grapes, so... thank you very much."

Would you expect Post Malone to end his speech in any other way? From the moment he walked on stage, you just knew he would show some side of his goofy personality. Next time you're in the office, we're getting you some grapes, Posty.