If you follow Post Malone on Twitter, you likely saw his message earlier today about how some fans are trying to get him and his girlfriend to split up. When you're in the public eye, that tends to happen pretty often. Just look at what happened to Cardi B and Offset. Offset ended up commenting "Y'all won" directly after their split, directing the message to those who objected against their relationship. Now, Post Malone has been forced to speak out about his fans' behavior after finding his girl's social pages. 

"To my REAL fans I love you to death," began the Texan. "To the people trying to dig so fucking hard to try and get me to leave my girl, y’all ain’t real fans and it needs to stop. The past is the past and it has nothing to do with anything. Have some respect. who gives a fuck? let us live our lives." Obviously, if you're unfamiliar with Posty's personal life (as many of us are) then the previous statement is confusing. Thanks to XXL, we know that people managed to find old photos that Post's girlfriend used to post on Instagram and those same shots were reposted after she deactivated her account. The acts that fans have taken are shameful and can be considered bullying, so Malone felt a need to speak up.

It seems like Post and his girl are working through it, though it may be an emotional time for them.