The Joe Rogan Experience might not be for everybody, but those that watch the wildly popular podcast have come to appreciate the unfiltered and extensive conversations that transpire. And while Joe doesn't always dip his toes into the hip-hop waters, he has amassed a decent collection of memorable moments alongside some key rap figures. Now, it would appear that Joe has connected with an artist about as hip-hop adjacent as they come -- the Bud Light Baron himself, Post Malone.

Post Malone

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram to share visual proof of their encounter, Rogan posted a telltale sign that Posty had indeed been holding it down in the vicinity. Where some sloppy criminals might leave forensic evidence, Post Malone leaves a far more obvious trail: empties and cigarette butts. It's unclear as to when we'll get to see Post's episode air, but it should be an interesting one when it does eventually drop -- one has to wonder if the pair will see eye to eye on the issues discussed. Though given Posty's affable nature, it's hard to imagine any real tension brewing. 

For those who do watch JRE, keep an eye out for more highlights from the Post Malone episode as soon as the episode drops. Given that he's been steadily working on a new album, one that's aiming to "uplift people's spirits," don't be surprised if this is but the first of a full-blown rollout. Will you be tuning in?