Earlier this month, Justin Bieber confirmed his engagement to Hailey Baldwin. The two of them were only dating for a month before he popped the question but they've known each other for a while. At this point, we haven't learned about a confirmed date for the wedding but we could only imagine that it will be lit. With the type of money Bieber has, he could pretty much get anyone to perform at the ceremony but that might not be necessary. His good friend, Post Malone, has offered to perform at the singer's wedding for $free.99.

TMZ caught Post Malone after leaving a West Hollywood restaurant yesterday night and asked him about his buddy Justin Bieber's wedding. The singer revealed that he'd be super down to perform at the wedding and would even do it for free. However, if that's not possible, he's down to take on the role of the ring bearer. 

While many people have had some criticism for Biebs and his fiancée over their engagement, Post Malone is happy to his boy in such a good space right now.

"Listen, he's very happy. I love to see my boy happy." He said while taking selfies with fans. "That's what's important to me."

Hopefully, we'll be able to see footage of Post Malone performing at Justin Bieber's wedding when it's time.

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