Post Malone has conquered the hip-hop world several times over the course of 2017, but he's about to cross over into the land of TV and help the folks over at Ghost Adventures nab some paranormal forms.

Zak Bagans, the host and lead investigator on the show, tweeted out a photo of Posty sporting what looks like some sort of video camera and a tidy, Tom Selleck-style mustache. He's flanked by two members of the show's on-screen crew, which is comprised of four men in total: Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley. You can check out the image and tweet below.

Ghost Adventures began as a documentary, with the supernatural investigators checking out locations in and around Virginia City, NV. Some of these included the Goldfield Hotel, the Miner’s Cabin  in Gold Hill, the Silver Queen Hotel, the Washoe Club and the cemetery. After airing on the Sci-Fi channel in 2007 to a positive fan response, the Travel Channel has since aired it many times, including under the reworked title Ghost Adventures: The Beginning. According to the show's website, it took home the Grand Jury Prize for “Best Documentary Feature” from the New York International Film & Video Festival in 2006. The doc was adapted into a TV series beginning in 2008 and has since run for 15 seasons, frightening a loyal following that has only grown over time.

The inclusion of Post Malone into the mix seems like a natural fit, as the rapper's persona has always been slightly left of center anyways. The emcee was born in Syracuse, New York, not known to be a hotbed for ghosts and other kinds of apparitions, but who knows if he's had a personal experience that, in the words of the series, "we will never fully understand."

What is easy to understand, however, is that fact that Malone's star in the rap world is ascending rapidly. His hit single with 21 Savage, "Rockstar," is already the most successful hip-hop No. 1 of the year and continues to rake in the spins on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Hopefully this experience on Ghost Adventures doesn't end with Posty getting scared too easily.