Post Malone can't wait for you to hear his new album, but in the meantime, you can watch him emulate the legacy of Kurt Cobain in a floral dress while he performs some of Nirvana's greatest hits. On Friday night, the singer/rapper was joined by bassist Brian Lee, guitairist Nick Mack, and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker to pay tribute to the iconic 90s grunge band over live stream while raising money for the World Health Organization (WHO)'s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Within five minutes of Posty going live, he raked in almost 200,000 viewers, who watched him perform songs like “Come as You Are,” “In Bloom,” “Lithium” and “Heart-Shaped Box.”

Post Malone nirvana tribute concert tease new album kurt cobain courtney love travis barkerNoam Galai/Getty Images

At one point during the 75-minute set, Posty discussed the status of his upcoming album. “I’m trying to put it out as soon as I f*cking can,” he promised. “I’m really proud of the music that we’re making.” While his musical style has certainly leaned more towards singing rather than rapping over the past few years, Posty acknowledged during the live stream that “everybody knows that I can’t sing for sh*t" after he insisted that he was using “no autotune at all" on his voice during the performance. Posty also made sure to take a moment to acknowledge that the late Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, who had given Posty her blessing for the tribute concert, and Nirvana's bassist, Kurt Novoselic, had tuned into the live stream, which you can watch in full below: