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Post Malone Targeted In Home Robbery After Jake Paul Exposed Address On YouTube

  Sep 11, 2018 12:54
Jake Paul messed up on this one.

Yesterday we reported on the burglary that took place at Post Malone's former home, where two armed robbers broke into the residence, pistol-whipped the tenants and yelled "Where's Post Malone?!" before stealing $20K worth of merchandise. The robbers didn't realize that Post does not live there anymore and the new owners have no connection to the rapper. 

According to The Sun, the burglary only took place after Jake Paul (Logan Paul's brother) posted a video on YouTube showing where Post Malone lived (address and all) as he dropped off a box of merchandise, filming one of his many vlogs. Cops are investigating if this break-in has anything to do with the numerous other robbings that involve Wiz Khalifa, Christina Milian and John Mayer.

This misfortune is Post's third traumatic situation that has happened in just a short number of weeks. First, his plane had to make an emergency landing, then he seriously crashed his Rolls-Royce and now this targeted robbery gone wrong. Luckily he's lived to tell the tale of each. 

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Ray Flores
- Dec 23, 2018

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Ray Flores
- Dec 23, 2018

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Playboy X
- Sep 11, 2018

this why u shouldnt associate with idiots

Ryan L
- Sep 11, 2018

He posted that video several months ago, you clickbait morons. Also, his address was already public knowledge. Try being an actual journalist.

- Sep 11, 2018

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Vitaly Orlov
- Sep 11, 2018

Imagine trusting a dude named Jake Paul. Post an alright dude but JP is ultimate trash

Fuck the Paul brothers, stupid attention seeking motherfuckers

- Sep 11, 2018

The Paul brothers are handicapped

Made in 90
- Sep 11, 2018

Someone is tryna take this man out. From the plane, to the car accident, now this. Seems sketchy

- Sep 11, 2018

Yeah, god.

Kendall Taylor
- Sep 11, 2018

lmao wow idiot

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