Post Malone has had a very hype and triumphant 2016. He continues to kill features, and is fresh off of a solid debut at the #6 spot with his country infused project Stoney.

Today, we get a chance to dive deeper into the Post saga by way of a lyric video from Rap Genius. The "Deja Vu" rapper breaks down the meaning behind the song and gives us a few choice thoughts about the recording process, his inspiration for the song, and his girlfriend of course.

Post starts out by declaring why the song was written stating that, "I guess this song is just me in the beginning stages of starting to hang out with my girlfriend. It's like very early stages, but now I have been with her for two years and, you know, it's cool. She's annoying, but I love her." He also mentions that they wrote everything before hand and then frequent collaborator and friend Justin Beiber stepped in and recorded the hook.

At about the two-minute and ten second mark, Post breaks down the lyrics, "I came in from Texas, and now that we textin' you can fly in whenever, and now you undressin'." He credits his love for country music and George Strait for the silver tongued line by saying, " I love George Strait, I love country music, I love Toby, Tim Mcgraw, everybody. So, you know, it's a little play."

The rapper goes on to discuss how A1 his boo is, dookie LA hoes he sees everywhere and more in the almost four-minute clip. For more, check the video below.