Post Malone is clearly at his wit's end. It's gotten to the point where he felt to set new boundaries with his fans via social media. The message he posted was addressed specifically to his fans, as a plea for mental convalescence. "If y'all are actually my fans and friends and love me and want me to be mentally stable, can y'all please let me live?" he asked his Twitter audience 6 hours ago. "I'm trying my best here. That's all I can do."

The issue is actually kind of meta. Critics and fans alike have been quick to associate the morose tone of his music with an undiagnosed case of clinical depression. As our definition of "mental health" broadens with each passing day, the idea of tabletop psychology feels totally useless and even annoying. In all fairness, very few of us have a spotless record. I'm guilty of having pushed an unsolicited opinion on a friend, or whomever, under the presumption that it was an expert opinion. 

With Post Malone resetting his boundaries vis-a-vis his fans, it seems there's little reason to overcomplicate his call for space, with another "expert opinion." If you count yourself as a Posty fan, give him the space he covets. Even if all you're really after is a new batch of songs, make it so. Let's hope Post Malone took some consolation in seeing his Dallas Cowboys win their playoff matchup yesterday. Wishing you all the best, Posty.