Post Malone was once considered to be a one-hit wonder but suffice to say, he's proved naysayers wrong. Ever since the singer released his debut album, Stoney, he propelled into an iconic figure in the music industry. Songs like "Congratulations" helped bring his career to new heights but within the past year, he's solidified his position in the music industry. Most recently, he released his sophomore album, Beerbongs & Bentleys set a new streaming record. Now the question for Post is "what's next?" In a recent interview with his manager, he revealed the next move for the "Rockstar" artist.

Dre London, Post's manager, recently spoke Billboard for an in-depth interview about the "Psycho" singer's come up and his next moves. London revealed that Post has some plans outside out making music that he'll be embarking on in the future including his own record label.

"Post Malone is starting his own label, and he gets a lot of it now. He's seen the music business inside out and now he wants to start his label. We're going to do it how we been doing it from the beginning, and obviously a distributor is going to come along." He said.

In addition, London says Post is gearing up to take his talents to the big screen as he has a movie idea he's working on.

"Post has a movie idea right now and he and well-known writers are going to get together and write it. And it's a great movie idea, and I've been begging him to play a role in it because he's good at acting." He said, "We do want to do stuff on television, but he wants to do his own stuff, stuff that we own, where a part of that comes from our vision, our creation."

Check out the whole interview here.