When Kanye West ushered in 2015 by releasing an ode to his mother and daughter, "Only One", the conversation around the song quickly pivoted to obscure featured artist, Paul McCartney. Well, at least that's how the media made it seem. The joke that Kanye had discovered McCartney and kindly provided him with the opportunity to hop on his track was definitely played out, but many publications didn't seem to pick up on the sarcasm and leaped to mock the ignorance of a generation that didn't know The Beatles. This joke has been made several times over now whenever a young artist manages to enlist a legend and something about it still remains kinda funny. 

The latest application of this joke is Post Malone's interesting song featuring Ozzy Osbourne (and Travis Scott), "Take What You Want", off his new album, Hollywood Bleeding. Posty is being given props for including an up-and-comer like Ozzy on his star-studded record. Even though Black Sabbath may not be as universally known as The Beatles and Post's pop demographic may not be well-versed in heavy metal, there's a good chance that the people patting Post on the back are just kidding. There's definitely comedic value in some older metal purists getting pissed about Ozzy being disrespected like that. 

Check out some of the tweets below.