While the surprise album has become a music industry staple, artists like Playboi Carti go above and beyond in setting a tone. Consider this: if he were active on the media circuit the jig would be up and everyone would know the long-awaited Whole Lotta Red is on the way. Instead, he's opted to become a sort of hip-hop Carmen Sandiego, quietly adventuring around the globe while fans wait with bated breath for an announcement.

Playboi Carti Post Malone

Yet as surely as curious gamers eventually discovered whales in Grand Theft Auto 5, so too has Post Malone stumbled upon the elusive Playboi Carti. The proof arrives by way of an Instagram picture Posty shared over the weekend, which finds him and Carti catching up with a meeting of the minds. Though it's March that hasn't stopped Post Malone from donning his finest summer attire, fashion maverick that he is and all. 

All this arrives at the height of Carti's artistic drought, which has been felt since he dropped off Die Lit in 2018. News about Whole Lotta Red hasn't been entirely scarce -- we've previously seen Carti and longtime producer Pi'erre Bourne link up for reasons unknown, though presumably musical. Yet in terms of tangible details, it's a whole lotta nothing. Perhaps that's part of the adventure. Artists have been increasingly seeing who can have the most-short notice release. At this rate Carti might very well drop his long-awaited project, complete with Post Malone feature, by the time you're finished reading this article.