It’s safe these past few weeks haven't been the best for Post Malone. First, the Stoney rapper made headlines for his controversial comments made about hip-hop and its lyrics not being “real.” The comments spawned some serious backlash from fellow peers & fans, which made Malone hop back on Twitter and want to clear the air about his words being taken out of context, but still some supporters & fans weren’t buying it. In fact, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg went off on a mini-rant at Post, asking him to “start showing respect for hip-hop or get out” altogether.

Then, Post Malone revealed in a recent podcast that his long awaited Beerbongs & Bentley’s album would finally be dropping December 1st, but as you know that didn’t happen. So once again, Post Malone had to issue a public apology to his fans for the delay, saying it wouldn't be dropping for a little while still.

But now in the midst of all this publicity, Post Malone decided to get a little rebellious and put some new ink on his body, and by body I mean face. On Tuesday night, a photo surfaced online of Post Malone showing off his new face tattoo that reads “Stay Away” above his right eyebrow. The reason or placement of the tattoo is unknown at this moment, but he's definitely making quite the bold statement with it.

This new tattoo comes just a couple weeks after he got a tat of Lil Peep's face on his right arm following his tragic death.

Check out Malone’s new face-tattoo (below) and let us know what you think. Is this a mistake by Post?