The rise of Post Malone has been impossible to ignore. Going from a cheesy gamer to a multi-platinum selling superstar, Post is one of music's biggest success stories of the last few years. Having been critiqued for the way he has described his music in the past, referring to his sound as one that is not necessarily hip-hop, the man has grown to embrace the rap elements in his music, becoming a true crossover star. beerbongs & bentleys saw Posty breaking streaming records and achieving impressive feats on the Billboard charts. However, if you ask him, he'll say he doesn't even make good music.

That's absolutely debatable as his sound has become hypnotic, going for hit single after hit single with every track he decides to promote on the radio. In a recent interview, Post talked himself down, praising his looks but discounting his musical talents. The star said, "I'm just a guy with really beautiful, blue eyes. I don't think I make the best music ever, I think it's just relatable. I just wanna be like somebody that people can listen to whenever they're going through some shit." Many would combat him on the fact that his music isn't good but perhaps his opinion means that he will continue to push himself harder until he drops a couple of classics on us.

There's no doubt that Post is an approachable dude. While the interview was filmed a while ago as his great "Always Tired" face tattoos are not present, this helps to uncover the mystique behind the artist and what he really thinks of his art.