Despite some non-essential businesses re-opening across the country, some people are still too uncomfortable to leave the house to get a haircut. After staying at home for two and a half months dodging the coronavirus, a large number of people have decided to wait until a vaccine is ready to continue life as it was prior. 

Although there are measures to remain safe outside, we are all still being advised to stay inside when we can. Not allowing his hair to get out of control -- or more out of control than it already was, rather -- during the pandemic, Post Malone decided to give himself a trim, showing off the end result.

Post Malone
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

"I cut my own mullet today mom," wrote the recording artist on Instagram, showing off his shortened hair.

In the same picture, some fans are taking notice of how faded his tattoos have gotten. Since he has an array of ink covering his face, it was only a matter of time before they started to fade and appear less prominent. That appears to be happening to the tats on his forehead and his "Always Tired" marking underneath his eyes. It might be time for a dreaded touch-up soon.

Did you take any drastic hair measures during the lockdown?