Post Malone crashed his Rolls-Royce Wraith in a high speed crash on Santa Monica Boulevard, nearly two weeks after his near brush with death up-up in the sky. Pictures of the collision taken in the wee hours of the morning show the driver's side panel to be in complete disarray. The Kia involved in the collision was completely smashed in on the front end. thankfully, no one involved, including Post Malone, was injured in the crash. 

According to the preliminary investigation, neither driver was judged to be under the influence. Since neither driver came down with any injuries, no police report was administered, nor was either person held for questioning. Post Malone's Rolls-Royce did none-the-less pass through city-owned property, flustering a few shrubs and damaging a fence. After the incident Post Malone tweeted: "god must hate me lol," in reference to his recent run of bad luck.

Malone's white Wraith was towed away from the crash site on a lorry. As you might expect, Post Malone took the knock like a true victor. The same camera roll from the crash site shows Malone puffing a cigarette nonchalantly as he barters with a cop. you can view the half-dozen images right here at The Sun.