There's a reason that Post Malone has earned the unofficial mantra of "Bud Light Baron," and it's a simple one -- the man is, to put it simply, passionate about the suds. In fact, Posty has become somewhat synonymous with the fraternal art of housing brew, be it shotgunning, beer bonging, keg-standing, beer ponging, or simply chugging. While obnoxious to some, others have gladly accepted it as part of his charm. 

Post Malone Beer Pong

 Rich Fury/Getty Images

Like any ambitious businessman, Post Malone is looking to monetize his passion. According to TMZ, the Baron has been putting in work to launch a professional beer pong league, with his team of legal eagles already moving to trademark the brand name of "World Pong League." The report also claims that the league would host tournaments, events, and so on -- with a damn near-endless supply of merchandising options already being explored by Posty and his team. 

While some might balk at the notion of professional beer pong, if handled properly it could very well open the doors to a goldmine. The sponsorship opportunities alone would be numerous, though it's unclear whether it would have enough legs to retain steady viewership. Yet beer pong is a universally believed activity, played in pre-COVID house parties with reckless abandon. Perhaps we ought to kick back with a cold one and watch this one unfold -- do you think the World Pong League can succeed?