Yesterday we posted on the latest ink Post Malone added to his face, above his right eyebrow to be exact. "Stay Away" are the two words that Post decided to permanently put on his body, just a few days after he got Lil Peep's face tattoed on his arm after his tragic passing.

TMZ caught up with the "Rockstar" rapper outside The Moxy Hotel in New York City last night asking him where the inspiration behind his new tattoo came from. "I kinna just wanna, I don't know, piss my mom off. I know she's really upset but I love you so much mama you the best, I'm sorry."

He added: "They're fucking song lyrics...I figured how ignorant could I be and just fucking tattoo my face, you know what I mean. You only live once man." The camera guy couldn't help but dive into Post's recent claims that Justin Bieber donated $10M to Hill Song church, although the pastor recently denied the allegations. Post tried to dodge the question by waving his hands and shaking his head but he ultimately said: "Peace and love man. I love Justin to death man, I just want him to stay true and be who he is."

Fans were eagerly waiting for his new album Beerbongs & Bentleys that was expected to drop on December 1st. When they tape never arrived, Post followed up with an apology via Twitter saying it won't be dropping for a while because he needs "to make sure this album is perfect." 

"I'm gonna keep working my ass off and make the best fucking album ever. i love ya. 💕🍻."