Like a true "rockstar," Post Malone is not adverse to making dubious decisions. Posty recently tattooed "Always Tired" on his face, prompting many to wonder whether insomnia was truly a suitable look for the endearing Beerbongs & Bentleys singer. The general consensus: it is not. Still, a few questionable choices do not nullify a man's successes, and Post is no exception. In tradition of good sportsmanship, it seems like the time to celebrate the Post's latest artistic milestone.

Though we've already come to accept that he's currently one of music's most commercially viable artists period, the numbers on the board speak volumes. Case in point, one of his formative hits has garnered a staggering amount of traction. Quality Control Music took the time to celebrate "Congratulations" going 8X platinum, which represents a big win for their own Quavo Huncho. Who'd have thought Post would come so far?

Peep the congratulatory post from QC below, and marvel in Post's Juggernaut-sized shadow. Few artists can ever dream of going platinum eight times, and yet, the man with "Always Tired" tattooed on his face has done exactly that. One might question his ink, but it would be unwise to question his methods. Congrats Post!