Kodak Black's frequent IG Live sessions have provided no shortage of entertainment, given his penchant for saying whatever thought crosses his mind. With no discernible filter, Kodak has probably caused more mild beef in the last three months than some rappers do in their lifetime. Yet it somehow never feels truly malicious, but merely a combination of Kodak's bizarre sense of humor and street authenticity. In any case, Kodak was in fine form during a recent session, in which he promised to dole out an ass-whoopin' to none other than Post Malone; apparently, the singer ducked out on a studio session, prompting the bulk of Kodak's ire.

Yet it would appear the "beef" was simply a false flag. The pair recently hit up the club for a boys night out, and from the look of it, the pair ended up sneaking into Posty's Bud Light stash for the pre-drink. "Me & Post be drunker then a bih," writes Kodak, alongside footage of the pair showcasing their finest moves. Clearly, it's all love between Posty and Kodak, and we can only hope to hear that collaboration of theirs in the imminent future.