Even for Joe Rogan, this interview is LONG.

Earlier today, the podcaster teased that he had been with Post Malone and was getting their conversation ready to upload. No longer live-streaming his talks, fans were excited to hear about what he and the hitmaking recording artist would chat about. It turns out that their talk spanned just about four hours, consisting of tidbits about pretty much everything you can imagine.

If ever you were curious to hear Post Malone speak about aliens, this is the place. Do you want to know more about his decision to move to Utah? Here you go! An explanation of his infamous "Always Tired" face tattoo? Did you think Joe Rogan would just skip over that?

Basically, they speak about anything and everything. 

There's a whole conversation about the mandatory wearing of masks and more about the coronavirus, including people playing shows during the pandemic. Notably, Post speaks on The Chainsmokers and how they performed the other day for a crowd of people that did not practice social distancing at all.

As we unpack everything about this four-hour-long podcast, we invite you to check it out at the same time.

Let us know your favorite part of their talk!