Post Malone has secured himself two huge endorsements. He is the current face of both Bud Light and Doritos. Who wouldn't want an unlimited supply of free beer and chips? Definitely not Post Malone. The "Circles" hitmaker's partnership with Bud Light dates back a few months, resulting in special edition cans and performances on the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour. Now, they're teaming up to fill a highly-coveted commercial slot during this weekend's Superbowl. 

Post Malone shot two ads for the beer brand and now they need your assistance deciding which one should air during the big event. The winner will be selected based on which one receives the most engagement (likes, comments, shares and hashtag uses) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. #PostyStore and #PostyBar both dive into the Grammy-nominated artist's brain, revealing the chaos that ensues among his tattooed cells as they react to sightings of Bud Light's new seltzer. However, something tells me that Post is more of a standard beer drinker. 

That marketing money is rolling in for Post, as his new Doritos commercial also just premiered during last weekend's Grammy Awards. The cleverly-titled "Post Limón" campaign promotes Doritos' new flavor, "Flamin' Hot Limon." In a new interview about that partnership, Post revealed his plan to release another album this year to follow 2019's wildly-successful Hollywood's Bleeding.