It seems like the conversation around Post Malone often focuses on his greater role in hip-hop music, moreso than the actual music itself. And while the negative discourse that tends to surround the "Rockstar" singer must be frustrating for fans, it doesn't seem to be fazing Post Malone. In fact, Posty seems to be out here loving life, making the music he wants to make. Yesterday, the singer claimed he "didn't want to be a rapper," which only poured fuel on the fire. In truth, it's a fair debate to have, especially in the wake of his now infamous criticism on hip-hop music. Now, with his anticipated Beerbongs & Bentleys en route, the Bud-Light fiend has raised speculation of an unlikely and genre-bending collaboration.

Surely there are some hip-hop fans who went through an emo phase and binged Bring Me The Horizon's discography. If you're one of them, you're probably familiar with front man Oli Sykes, who handles both singing and screaming duties for the band. Yesterday, Sykes posted up a picture of his home studio set up, complete with GTA 5 on the big screen. In the caption, he tagged Post Malone, claiming "we good to go." And while it's possible that the pair were simply about to embark upon a digital massacre of the highest degree, the fact that it's a picture of a studio has some fans clamoring for a collaboration.

What do ya'll think of that one? While Post has always blurred the lines, the idea of him screaming into a microphone might be a little too outlandish for some.