J. Cole has already shot down one rumored tracklist for Born Sinner that was circulating the web the other week, but now another one has surfaced, looking quite plausible.

This new tracklist shows 16 tracks for the Standard edition, while the Deluxe edition has 5 extra tracks, for a total of 21. As HHNM reports, this coincides with the number of tracks that appear on iTunes. Take a look at the possible tracklist below.

Born Sinner drops on June 18th. The Cole World rapper released "Broken Smile" with TLC two days ago, listen here.

Whatchu guys think? Real or fake?

1. Villumanati
2. Kerney Sermon (Skit)
3. Land Of The Snakes
4. Power Trip (Feat. Miguel)
5. Mo Money (Interlude)
6. Trouble
7. Run Away
8. She Know (Feat. Amber Coffman)
9. Rich Niggaz
10. Where’s Jermaine (Skit)
11. Forbidden Fruit (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
12. Chaining Day
13. Ain’t That Some Sh*t (Interlude)
14. Crooked Smile (Feat. TLC)
15. Let Nas Down
16. Born Sinner (Feat. Fauntleroy)


17. Miss America
18. New York Times (Feat. 50 Cent & Bas)
19. Is She Gon Pop
20. Niggaz Know
21. Sparks Will Fly (Feat. Jhene Aiko)

[UPDATE: J. Cole confirms tracklist is real.]

J. Cole took to Twitter today to confirm that the above tracklist is indeed real, and as well, he tweeted a photo of his own iTunes tracklist for Born Sinner.

See the tweets below, and image of the tracklist in the gallery above.