For years there have been dozens of alleged victims of R. Kelly who have come forward with their stories. We've seen the controversial Surviving R. Kelly series that shocked the world and witnessed the ongoing updates from the disgraced singer's New York trial that ended in a guilty verdict. Those who have claimed to be harassed, assaulted, and victimized by Kelly have long sat down for interviews to detail their alleged experiences, and now a Real Housewife is telling her tale. 

In a surprising interview with PEOPLE, Porsha Williams of the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise speaks on uncomfortable moments with Kelly that she alleged occurred years ago during the time when she was pursuing her music career. 

R. Kelly
Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty Images

"I realized it was my opportunity to help anyone who's been hurt by him," the reality star told the outlet about her alleged 2007 encounter. "There had been so many other instances where I had been abused by men that my mentality [at that time] was of an abused person, and that it was okay for me to be treated like that."

In her forthcoming memoir, The Pursuit of Porsha: How I Grew Into My Power and Purpose, she claimed she met a friend of Kelly's and later was flown to Chicago to meet with the singer face to face. She believed she would be taken to his recording studio but instead, she said, she was driven to his home where she was taken to his bedroom. Porsha claimed she waited for Kelly inside of the room for hours.

Porsha stated she would go on to see Kelly twice more and seemingly revealed she stayed in his home. She added that she never returned after waking up one day and hearing the sounds of a woman being beaten in a nearby room.

"It's not something you want to tell your mom, because my mom is a very strong woman and she did her very best in raising me," she said. "And I think for any woman or man who's been in an abusive situation, you don't want to tell your parents because you don't want them to think that they had let you down in any way. I don't want her to think that she had done anything wrong. And so I took it upon myself."

"But I was glad when I did, she was glad that I told her and we talked about it," Porsha added. "She told me some of her experiences. And we just talked about how this should be told so other women don't have to go through it."