In her memoir, The Pursuit of Porsha - How I Grew into my Power and Purpose, Porsha Williams shared a surprising story about interactions she had with R. Kelly years ago. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is known for bringing drama to the Bravo series, although it seems her tenure may have come to an end, but she revealed that there were also unbelievable occurrences in her real life with the disgraced singer.

"I was definitely held in a mental state," she told Good Day New York. "I felt danger." This revelation comes on the heels of Kelly's conviction in his New York case.

Porsha Williams
Roy Rochlin / Stringer / Getty Images

"When I was writing this book, I looked at my journey, and I thought about how many times I ended up in abusive situations and toxic relationships. That pattern all had to do with me not knowing my worth," she added. Porsha has been on a book tour, hopping from one outlet to the next, and earlier this week, she spoke with Tamron Hall about her alleged experiences, as well.

“I did a lot of victim-blaming, a lot of shaming of myself, and that’s what silenced me for a very long time to speak out against any of the sexual abuse that I encountered in my life.” In her book, Porsha added that Kelly was just one name in the list of men who had taken advantage of her. 

“He had just been one of the men who was a predator in my life, who had taken advantage of me and mentally abused me," she penned in her memoir. "So I saw him no different from those same men. That same darkness, that same treatment, they faced and met the same Porsha who did not know her self-worth."

Watch a clip of Porsha Williams on Tamron Hall below.