The Winter Olympics are well underway in South Korea, which means that an influx of people from all over the world will be crowding the streets of Pyeongchang to take part in the festivities. This inpouring of visitors has also effected Pornhub's traffic count in the area, which has continually increased since the games began on February 9. Of course, the Internet porn giant has taken to their handy and revealing Pornhub Insights blog to statistically break down this upsurge in a variety of ways. 

Firstly, Pornhub charts how viewership has risen since the inception of this year's competition, which is particularly interesting given that South Korea has mostly banned Internet porn from its servers. However, the province of Gangwon-do, where Pyeongchang resides, is the only area in the country where residents have access to adult entertainment online. Traffic began to increase on February 1st, before dipping during the opening ceremony on February 9. However, three days afterwards, viewership expanded nearly 85%. 

Olympic themed searches on the server have also risen exponentially, revealing that humanity is in the mood for some sporty pornography to coincide with the dominant spectacle grabbing headlines across the globe. 

Image via Pornhub Insights

Furthermore, public interest in videos starring Koreans has also soared 112% following the commencement of the games, and has lingered within a range that is higher than usual ever since. 

Within the Gangwon-do region, searches containing threesomes, lesbians, and amateurs have satiated the appetites of athletes and other visitors tuning in to some good ol' fashion pornography in between competitions. 

Image via Pornhub Insights