Pornhub has emerged as the top adult website. It took over the internet game, wrestling control from several other adult companies trying to take over the internet. Pornhub has gained so much popularity, that there are memes based around the site, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone over the age of 18 (but still under 40) that has never heard of the site. 

According to the New York PostPornhub is launching their first award show, which will kick off next month. They will be in direct competition with the Adult Video News Awards, which has been the Oscars of pornography for over thirty years. The AVN Awards uses a panel of porn professionals (where do I sign up) that sort through thousands of adult videos to discern who deserves nominations. Pornhub will scrap that old school method of thinking, and instead, they will implement technology that gathers user data. Don't worry, you aren't being spied on. Pornhub will just be tracking views, likes, video length, shares, and other factors that prove certain videos are preferred by their users. The first-ever Pornhub Awards will be held in Los Angeles on September 6. Adult actress Asa Akira will host the event, and users will be able to live stream the award show online.