Joaquin Phonix's Joker finally hit theatres this past weekend. Although it's received a lot of mixed reception, mainly because of its social commentary, it's already broke box office records. Some may argue its commercial success is a result of the controversial dialogue surrounding the film but it appears that there's a growing curiosity in Joker-themed adult films on the biggest porn site on the web.

Reps from PornHub spoke to TMZ, revealing that there's been a huge spike in searches for Joker related content on the site. Within the first four days of the film's release, there were 741,000 searches including "joker." On Sunday alone, there were 291,628 searches for "joker." 

The thing is, it's not necessarily a new trend for PornHub. Comic book movies have been gaining more and more traction on their site over the past few years. Suicide Squad sparked a huge search interest in Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie) who still is the most popular movie or game character on the site. Last year, there were 10M searches for Harley Quinn. We could only imagine that it'll only continue to increase, especially with the release of Birds of Prey in February 2020.

Joker broke the record previously held by Venom for October Box Office Preview with $13.3M. It also now holds the title for the highest-earning box office debut in October with $93.5M.