At first, we witnessed a spirited debate between chicken fanatics who considered whether the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich was tastier than Chik-fil-A's version. Then, complete and utter madness erupted online as everybody -- and we mean everybody -- rushed to their nearest Louisiana Kitchen to buy as many of the sandwiches as they could. Seriously, the menu addition was selling for hundreds of dollars online. Even Quavo managed to chop this craze into his side hustle, hawking sandwiches for $1,000 apiece last week. The restaurant chain announced that, although they will be bringing back the sandwich as a permanent mainstay in the coming weeks, it is officially sold out across the country. As you would expect, people lost it online.

Whether people are responding to the tweet that Popeyes set forth yesterday or commenting on a whole other thread altogether, you can guarantee that people are fiending for some fried chicken today now that they can't cop the limited-time-only sandwich. A craze has been created and you already know that the heart wants what it can't have. Right now, there are a ton of hangry people who just want to get their hands on some delicious, juicy, chicken and they'll do anything it takes to reach that point. Some people even lined up for hours to get their last taste before it sold out...

Check out some of the most outlandish reactions to the sell-out below and, in the meantime, just make yourself a homemade version of the sandwich. Sure, it won't be as tasty but it'll probably be way healthier.