When it comes to chicken sandwiches, Popeyes became the reigning champ this past summer. Over the past few weeks, the company's been dealing with a shortage of chicken sandwiches after Black Twitter made it go viral -- providing a reported $23.25M worth of free advertisement off of social media mentions alone. However, they haven't been able to keep up with the demand and it's essentially been sold out for weeks. 

People have been furious over the chicken sandwich selling out, by the way. One man in Tennessee filed a lawsuit against Popeyes while another group of people allegedly pulled out a gun on employees after finding out it was sold out. 

Popeyes has launched their new BYOB campaign -- Bring Your Own Bun. And no, they're not joking. The BYOB option is their three chicken tenders combo but you have to bring your own bun, mayo, and pickles. Oh, and you have to assemble it yourself. 

"While we work to get the sandwich back in our restaurants, we wanted to offer our guests a fun way to satisfy their Popeyes sandwich cravings," a rep for Popeyes told CNN.

Popeyes aims to satisfy its customer demand with BYOB option but the Internet made sure to hand them an L for the effort. However, they are working to bring back the championed Popeyes chicken sandwich soon.