Pop Smoke's early death continues to haunt his fans, and as a result, many have found consolation in the release of the posthumous album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon. Released in July of 2020 and executive-produced by 50 Cent, the project has since set up camp in the number one spot on the Hip-Hop/R&B album charts and has yet to stray far from the lofty spot. So sturdy has its reign been that Shoot For The Stars has officially hit an impressive Billboard milestone, as reported by the publication. 

Pop Smoke

 Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

Apparently,Pop Smoke's Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon is officially the longest-running album atop the R&B/Hip Hop chart since 1990, having retained its position at the top for a total of seventeen weeks. Prior to Smoke hitting the impressive milestone, the original setter of the record was none other than MC Hammer, who spent twenty-nine weeks in the number one spot following the release of his 1990 album Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt Em. Eminem's Recovery went on to secure sixteen weeks at number one, though it has now been surpassed by Pop Smoke's posthumous debut.

According to Billboard's statistics, this milestone puts Pop Smoke in some exclusive company. As they explain, only eleven albums have secured seventeen or more weeks at the top of the charts, with the only two rap projects being Shoot For The Stars and the aforementioned MC Hammer drop. Clearly, the people are determined to keep Pop's legacy alive, and one has to wonder how far this one can go -- though dethroning Hammer's twenty-nine weeks is no easy feat, consider that the album's very title does encourage setting major goals.

Congratulations to Pop Smoke's team for making this happen.