Details regarding the murder of Pop Smoke were released yesterday (May 7), and it has caused the rapper's loved ones to once again relive the unexpected tragedy. During a preliminary hearing for suspect Corey Walker, the 20-year-old allegedly involved in the home invasion in February 2020 that resulted in the rapper's death, a detective shared that Pop Smoke was in the shower when he was killed. 

A woman was reportedly in the bedroom and told authorities that someone held a gun to her head as the other suspects caught Pop in the shower, forced him out, and shot him. Then, the rapper was reportedly kicked until he found his footing and ran, but the assailants continued in their pursuit and shot him multiple times. Pop later died during major surgery.

Pop Smoke's brother, Obasi Jackson, reacted to the report over on Instagram and shared that he was disappointed in those who claimed to be in Pop's corner. "Somethings not right about this case!" wrote Obasi. "The info not matching and ppl moving crazy. Bashar on God we getting to the bottom of it I'm sorry da real wasn't with you.I'm sorry you said n*ggas would shoot back and they didn't. I'm sorry you thought nighas would fight for you and theyre not even doing that in death."

In the caption, Obasi added, "I tried to warn you bout this gang sh*t... I should've tried harder. It's not fair how they doing you and I'm not allowing people to say they love you without proper recognition to you or the family!!!"

Read through his messages in full below and make sure to check out our interview with Obasi: Obasi J. Doesn't Want To Be Another Pop Smoke.