If you're going to snap a picture of Pop Smoke, you better make sure he approves. Private messages between the New York rapper and a photographer have gone viral after director Paris Marley shared a few images from a recent event with Pop Smoke. After posting the pictures, the rapper apparently DM'd Paris asking for the photos to be taken down.

"Yo you trynna disrespect me cuz why you posting pics like this of me," the rapper reportedly wrote. Paris didn't understand what Pop Smoke meant but told the rapper if he didn't like them, he'd take them down. "Take it down homie," Smoke wrote. "Don't ever try and play me like that." Paris replied, "U played yourself that's how u look, f*ck wrong wit u."

Pop Smoke told Paris, "I gave you the opportunity to shoot some pics of me & you posting crazy looking pics of me." The two exchanged a few more messages before they agreed to disagree, but Paris continued to clown the rapper in his Instagram Story. The photos made their way through social media, so swipe through below to read through the DM exchange and check out a few reactions.