Earlier today, we reported news that Polo Gwas arrested following the release of Hall Of Fame. The rapper was in Miami where he was hosting his album release party but ended up in jail. More details have since emerged with Polo's mom, Stacia Mac, confirming that she had bonded out everyone that was involved in the arrest. "I have tbaby. I've bonded out Polo and everyone. I've also, of course, notified my attorney. I'll be relieved when I have everyone out of jail safely. Thank you guys for your support," she wrote on Facebook.

Prior to that, she informed her Facebook followers that Polo G, his sister, girlfriend, brother, and the security team were among those that were taken into custody. "They are all being detained. Still in jail. No clue what they are being charged with," she wrote.

Mac was on Instagram Live while the rapper was getting arrested, revealing that she wasn't allowed to see her children including Polo's minor brother. The rapper was charged with battery against a police officer, resisting officer with violence, criminal mischief, public servant/influence performance, and resisting officer without violence.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

"None of these charges would be possible if the POLICE did not make contact with my son Polo G!!! He was NOT the driver. He was a PASSENGER in a professionally licensed vehicle with security. He was moving smart and correctly. What more could he have done," Mac said of the charges on Twitter. 

Law enforcement sources close to TMZ claimed that the Miami cop who was allegedly assaulted was "pummelled by Polo with his elbows," causing lacerations. What police officials didn't apparently tell TMZ is why Polo G was pulled over. Stacia Mac said that the driver of the vehicle Polo was in accidentally swerved and cut off an officer which caused the car to get pulled over. Apparently, it was Polo G and the passengers who were taken away in cuffs, rather than the driver.