Rappers may flex their expensive cars and flashy jewelry, but many of them aren't just throwing their money around at the latest fad. Many are making sure their families are taken care of, especially their parents, and Polo G's mother, Stacia Mac, shared that the rapper made her dreams come true. Polo G is a Chicago rapper on the rise, and earlier today (February 3), his mother posted a series of photos on Instagram praising her son for helping her purchase her "dream home."

"As my son @polo.capalot embarked on his career, as a professional recording artist, he promised he’d Create a life for our family free of struggle and/or lack," she wrote in the caption. It's reported that Polo G was raised in Old Town's Marshall Field Garden Apartments projects. "I decided to relocate to ATL in September 2020. Today my son purchased my dream home! I showed him the home and he didn’t flinch. His response was 'what you need?'"

"To say I’m appreciative is an understatement," Mac added. Thank you son! Thank you for being a man of your word. Thank you for giving me things, that at times, I was unable to provide you or myself. I love you and I’m eternally grateful. Thanks to my realtor and good girlfriend @jsizemoreatlskeygirl I love you girl. @official_teetime thank you for always looking out. #staciamac."

She couldn't help but show off her new digs, so take a look at mama's house below as she does the "June Bug Challenge" to celebrate.