Two Florida detectives showed up at a man's funeral, but their intent was not to pay him any respect for his untimely passing. Reports indicate that the officers were there for strictly investigative concerns, and tried to use the man's fingerprint to unlock his mobile device, but were unsuccessful in doing so. 

Linus Phillips was killed by a Largo law enforcement officer after authorities reveal that he tried to flee a crime scene before he could be properly searched. Phillips' fiancé Victoria Armstrong reveals she felt violated and belittled by the random search, which effectively thwarted the sorrowful mood of the visitation.  

Legal experts have noted how the detectives ill-advised actions were legal, but questioned the appropriateness of their intrusive measures. Charles Rose, a professor at the Stetson University College of Law, has revealed that deceased persons cannot assert their Fourth Amendment protections because they technically do not own any property once they have passed away. However, those rights could apply to any beneficiary who inherits the individual's assets.