We've already had to deal with so much tragedy in the first few months of this year. With the passing of Nipsey Hussle this weekend, we've had to stand witness to yet another artist losing their lives to gun violence. Earlier in the year, Willie McCoy, who was also known as Willie Bo, was shot dead by police after he was found sleeping inside of his car in a Taco Bell parking lot. Willie wasn't bothering anybody - he was simply catching some quick shut-eye before heading back onto the road. Now, body cam footage of the shooting has been released, which shows just how bad this all was.

The city of Vallejo, California has released a video of Willie McCoy's shooting, slowing down footage and offering context by way of a written introduction. Several police officers can be seen approaching McCoy's car when they notice a gun sitting in his lap. One officer attempts to open the driver's side door to "snatch" Willie out of the vehicle and grab his gun before they realize the car is locked. Willie is then allegedly ordered to raise his hands when he wakes up, leans forward and reaches for what officers believe was the gun. That's when shots are fired. 

The video is extremely graphic as it shows clear body cam footage of the shooting. Please view it only at your own discretion.