Even with everyone in election mode yesterday, Freddie Gibbs' hometown of Gary, Indiana seemed to be more focus on a music video from the rapper than the election.

The Post Tribune in Gary ran a story on their front page which blasted a police officer, Jason Johnson, who appears in Gangsta Gibbs' video for "BFK." The paper (via RapFix) reports that Johnson has been demoted by the Gary Police Department for using his patrol car in Gibbs' video. The car is used as a prop in the background of the video, with Gibbs in front spitting his lyrics, and a crew behind him, apparently being rambunctious with their display of weapons and gang sings.

Johnson also makes a cameo in the video, in full uniform, watching the Baby Face Killa. The Chief of Police, Wade Ingram, spoke on the incident, "when matters like this arise, our approach continues to be proactive. We are policing ourselves as well as the citizens. We will do everything in our power to ensure that any illegal behavior by Gary police officers will not be tolerated."

The Mayor even chimed in, "this goes beyond ethics. This has to do with character. It is our intent to take aggressive measures to confirm what we already know — that the overwhelming majority of the members of the Gary Police Department are hard working and law abiding."

Gibbs tweeted his confusion about being on the front page--"I thought it was election today? Why am I on the front page? The city of Gary comin at my head."

The video has yet to actually drop, so we'll have to wait and see what comes of this incident.