A Southlake, Texas man will probably be arrested by police sooner than he ever thought after the police department's tweet on his shoe store theft has made its rounds on the internet due to the suspects Drake resemblance. The Twitter account for Southlake DPS sent out a number of pretty hilarious tweets that reference Drake's music catalogue when describing what the thief looks like. 

"HELP US IDENTIFY THIS SHOE STEALER THREAD! First of all, it’s not Drake. Like we know that’s the first thing that’s popping in your head, but it’s not Drake," the first tweet reads, adding: "On January 29th, 2019, a bad guy that is definitely not Drake walked into our Kohl’s department store at 3001 East Highway 114."

Another tweet reads how the man stole five pairs of size 9 Converse and one in size 10 seemingly for someone waiting in a vehicle for him outside. "The shoes werent made out of Tuscan Leather—they were just Converses. Ugh, sorry, another Drake reference even though its not Drake."

The man is "described as a Latin male in his early 30’s and he is about 5’10” and around 190lbs."

Drizzy must be somewhere laughing at these tweets.