Vic Mensa, a rapper whose recent music has dealt with police injustice (and brutality) against black men, claims that cops pulled him and his friends over and accused them of stealing from Barneys, after they had apparently spent $4,000 at the high-end department store. After police eventually let them go, Mensa went on his Snapchat to vent about the incident. 

He speaks to the camera and then points it at a police officer, saying, "I'm tired of dealing with these motherfuckers." 

"Over here giving a n*gga trouble for all types of stupid shit," he explained. "We didn't steal shit. I go in Barneys and spend four racks and get accused of stealing." 

Mensa then detailed how the police didn't even have an idea of what they suspected him and his crew to have stolen -- "they don't even know what they think we stole," he said. 

For obvious reasons, he feels that the groundless accusations are another example of racial profiling. "You can't be a young black man out here doing anything legal, positive, and you still get treated like a criminal," he said. "We don't have to steal shit man, we could buy nicer shit than you buy for your wife for her right now."

Watch footage of Mensa's Snapchat reaction to his unfortunate encounter with police below.