The Tamagotchi was a toy constructed perfectly for the 90's kid. Children flocked to the virtual pets as if they were real, saving their parents thousands of dollars in the process. Millions bought the pocket-sized toys, and the phenomena that started in Japan spread across the globe. Like many of the toys in the mid to late 90's, companies integrated new technology to recreate activities. Essentially, they were selling unique experiences via a digital platform. We see how that has evolved. Although Tamagotchis have faded since the height of their popularity, they retained a devout following. The Pokemon x Tamagotchi collaboration has been teased for months, and now, fans of the anime have been blessed with a release date. 

According to Hypebeastthe official release date for the Tamagotchi is January 26. The leaked images that hit the internet earlier this month confirmed that Eevee will be the first Pokemon to get a themed Tamagotchi. It will come in Team Rocket and Ditto variants, and will retail for ¥2,300 JPY ($20 USD). The release is exclusively in Japan for now, which means the January 26 drop is crucial for dedicated collectors. Hopefully, Eevee won't be the only Pokemon to get a themed package, but there's no reputable information that says otherwise.