There are finally some updates in the murder investigation following Pop Smoke's death. 

The Brooklyn rapper was tragically killed several months ago in Los Angeles. There was much speculation about the circumstances surrounding his murder because, until today, there had been virtually no updates in the case. Finally, it was revealed that five people -- two minors and three adults -- were arrested in connection to the crime.

As it is presumed that the suspected killers found Pop's address online after he accidentally shared a video containing his coordinates, PnB Rock is claiming that the rapper actually fired return shots before he was fatally struck.

"N***as don't even know the whole story," said PnB Rock on Instagram Live. "My man Pop Smoke popped one of them n***as in the crib. N***as tried to run down and got gunned down. Your man caught one of them n***as. You feel me? That's heavy to me."

It's unclear if PnB Rock got this information from somebody on Pop's team or if this is just something he heard.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

As the investigation continues, we will likely receive more information about what actually happened at the scene of Pop Smoke's death. In the meantime, listen to his debut album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon here. Rest in peace, Pop Smoke.