After Drake's tour stop in Memphis, the rapper decided to opt out of sharing performance flicks to go into the vault and share photos of himself as a teenager in Memphis with his father. Like most people, Drake only grew into his looks later on his life and also had an awkward teen stage. Most of us have seen it from his days on Degrassi. However, it seems like Drake's latest set of photos have given PnB Rock hope that he too will grow into his looks in the future.

Drake's latest set of photos on Instagram has given PnB Rock faith that he'll grow into his neck. The rapper slid in the comments of Drake's latest photo to simultaneously crack a joke about the length of his and Drake's neck.

"You give me hope lol now i know i may grow into my neck," he commented with a laughing and giraffe emoji.

Aside from giving PnB Rock hope that he'll grow into his neck in the future, the Philly crooner previously revealed that he and Drake have a collaboration on the way. While speaking to Fuse in December 2017, he not only cited Drake as an inspiration but revealed that he's sent music to the Toronto rapper for a collaboration.

"We're working on something now," he said. ". "I just sent him two songs, he's really hype about them. He told me one of my songs was one of his favorite songs—a remix that I did, 'Unforgettable.' He basically said, 'The song was already a hit, I don't know how you could make an already-a-hit, a super-super-hit.' I was like, 'Damn. Drake said that about my music?'"