Nike has received a lot of mixed messages since the company announced their collaboration with Colin Kaepernick. While many championed both parties, others expressed a lot of hatred, to the point of burning their Nike apparel.

Plies addressed the haters directly in his latest Instagram video, wielding a most comedic singsongy voice. The rapper looked straight into the camera as he told the haters what he "finna do today" 

"To everybody mad at Nike for Colin Kaepernick. You know what I finna do? I finna wear my Nikes today [...] You mad at Nike. You big mad." He continues in between splashes of laughter. "Why you mad at Nike? Nike ain't did nothing to you. Who is you? You ain't nobody."

He ends the video with some solid advice. "Do it. Just like Nike said. 'Just do it'[...] You need to put your shades on and chill out."

His next post relates to the same subject. He shared a meme that read, "Y'all ready to boycott Nike over a black guy, but won't boycott the Catholic Church for f*cking y'alls kids." The caption he attached to the post expresses some concern as he asks his following for clarity.

"I Just Seen This On My Timeline & I Thought It Was Very Interesting... Is Dere Any Truth 2 Dis?????"

 He deleted the post moments later.