Plies has seen the video of Young Thug threatening him, and though Thug has since deleted the video, Plies is not happy, and he's posted a heated video of his own. 

Last night, Plies posted a video of Young Thug's daughter saying, "I'm motherfuckin' tired," and wrote that those words reflected his mood at the time. Thug saw the clip and then issued a video threat directed at Plies on his own Instagram, warning the South Florida rapper that there would be serious problems if he didn't remove the video by the end of the day. Plies has now responded to Thug's threat, and he's coming back at Thugger with violent words of his own. 

Plies captioned his response to Thug by writing, "Ion Disrespect Nobody Children." In the clip, he claims that he had no idea the little girl was Thug's daughter, and he reaffirms that he posted the clip simply to reflect how he was feeling -- "motherfuckin' tired." 

He then addresses the way in which Thug threatened him: "If you had a problem with it, fuck n*gga, you ask me to take it down. You don't threaten me to do nothing, pussy n*gga."

By the way, the original video of Thug's daughter still remains on Plies' page. 

Update: Plies has taken down the video in which he snaps back at Thug, though you can still see it below. The original video of Thug's daughter is still on his Instagram.